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TFE - Radio: The Pilots Episode #1: "Halloween Debut" - 1st Ever Show: Thursday October 31st 2013.

Amazon's Audible Service Sponsored, TFE - Radio: The Pilots Episode #1: "Halloween Debut" - 1st Ever Show: Thursday October 31st 2013.

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In this, the very 1st of 20 Pilot episodes from TFE - Radio, Host James "Strength" Navarro Covers an  eclectic  mix of topics such as:

- Who is James Navarro? Why the name "Strength"?

- Why did he start JN Enterprises and TFE?

- What is TFE - Radio? And what will be covered weekly on the show?

- Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time

- Got Advice?: Stand by YOUR man

- Wrestling Talk: Personal Commentary on TNA Impact Wrestling

And so much more in this epic 3 hour plus 1st show!

- TFE - Radio -

* TFE - Radio *
Uncut & Uncensored

TFE Radio is the first mass media creation of TFE’s Empire King Productions. The show will be broadcasted uncut and uncensored as per the tagline. It will start off as broadcasted on the internet.

The show will be available as a podcast which will be available for download from our website if the listeners miss the original broadcast or those that happen to want the show on the go.

Various formats will include but not limited to, especially mp3 format for the listener’s desktop, laptop, ipod, ipad and more. It will be easily accessible for your listening pleasure.

Our show will showcase TFE talent in exclusive interviews and features. Such talent will include our models, fashion designers,
represented talent and of course our musical acts and producers.

An example, of this will be to break new records from our musical roster as well using the music for backdrops for segments during the show, also for intros and outros.

For the broadcast, there will be talk segments, features, interviews, news, promotional ads and exclusive interviews. Interviews will not be limited to our talent but to talent from the past, present and future.

Interesting personalities from entertainment, sports, politics and various forms of business. We take an audio look into the past, present and the future.

With an exciting format for the show, TFE Radio will live up to it’s tagline of “Uncut & Uncensored”. Listener discretion will be advised.

We will spare no expense to speak our minds and to let our guests speak their minds. It should be fireworks and madness on TFE Radio. We aim to entertain and inform, stay tuned!

TFE Radio, Uncut & Uncensored

* TFE – Empire King Productions *

TFE – Empire King Productions is a live events and mass media production company.

As a live events and mass media production company, we specialize in television, pay-per-view, mobile communications, print, film, radio {see TFE Radio}, branding, marketing and advertising.

With production in live events such as: club, concert and sporting events including combat sports {Wrestling, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts}. We work tirelessly to bring real time events with a high tech feel bringing to the consumer the ultimate experience.

We have expanded our productions repertoire to mass media such as the aforementioned above but not limited to DVD, CDs and Blu-ray disc production and duplication. The production of merchandising for all JN Enterprises brands including TFE as well available for outside partnering businesses.

Our great staff also, brands, markets and advertises those brands which also includes publications and various reading materials.

Having continued success branding and marketing to a large audience with our brands, we have also expanded our production company to assist partnering businesses in achieving unlimited potential of success.

This possible through the willingness to consult, plan and execute ideals of our clients and partners, through strategic planning for brand awareness. Once created, we create marketing strategies to set your business apart from the competition.

Finally, we advertise businesses established or burgeoning brand by the way of unique creative campaigns. TFE – Empire King Productions promises to lead the industry in high tech top quality production, branding and consultation.

TFE – Empire King Productions, The Evolution In Brand Creation

* {Signature Events Including The Announcement Of Our First Ever
Public Event To Be Online Soon} *

- TFE - Radio -


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